If you love eating sushi rolls, the truth is that sushi from restaurants tends to taste better than homemade sushi. Plus, it appears like it’s much easier to prepare restaurant sushi. Homemade sushi may eat into your time and still not be as tasty. But why does restaurant sushi taste so much better than the sushi you make at home?

Equipment and Ingredients

Just like you thought, the chefs have all the right equipment and tools to make the best sushi. Restaurants can afford expensive sushi-making gadgets. For example, you may not see the need for investing in a rice cooker, whereas sushi restaurants buy the best rice cookers. A small rice cooker may cost upwards of €150. They also have access to the freshest seafood and other ingredients not readily available to home cooks.

Training and Experience in Making Sushi

Making sushi is no simple task, and anyone gets frustrated in the first few attempts. But with patience and practice, anyone can become a pro in making tasty and crunchy sushi rolls. This applies to chefs and cooks in restaurants and hotels. Unless you’re talking about self-proclaimed chefs, sushi chefs train for many years such that making these rolls is a breeze. Their chefs have the experience needed to make a variety of sushi rolls, even the most authentic traditional sushi rolls.

You now know why restaurant sushi rolls taste so much better. But the big question is can you make such tastier rolls at home? Yes. But, of course, if you have the right ingredients and follow the same processes as the sushi chefs. Use sushi-grade fish, quality Japanese or Chinese rice, and the right seafood. Consider watching videos or reading online to learn how the best sushi is made. Maybe some of the money you’ve been paying at the restaurant is just for the atmosphere.