Making homemade sushi isn’t easy, especially when you’re just getting started. But it does eventually get easier with practice and by following this handful of simple tips.

Grow the Garnishes in Your Garden

To cut costs and save time, consider growing your garnishes in your garden.

With a little time and effort, you can grow some of the harder-to-find garnishes, such as perilla (shiso) and daikon radishes, in your backyard.

The nice thing about daikon is that it can be grown in both summer and winter. And be sure to grow your shiso in an isolated container; otherwise, it will spread all over your garden.

Keep It Simple

Don’t overwork your rice when cooking, seasoning, or making the bed for the maki sushi. And you want to ensure that your sushi has enough air.

The rolls should be easy to cut and to chew. So don’t forget to keep your hands dry when touching the rolls. Wet maki rolls tend to be chewier and less tasty.

Cleanly Cut Your Rolls

Keep a bowl of water at hand to keep your knife blade wet. A slightly wet blade will give you a clean cut and ensure that the roll isn’t crushed.

Dip the blade in the bowl of water and then turn the knife slowly with the tip pointing upward. Tap the handle on a hard surface to send the water down the blade.


If you’re experiencing difficulty making maki, don’t give up. Relax, and switch to making hand rolls (temaki), which are easier to make, look nice, and are just as satisfying.

And there’s no need to freak out over the cat footprints on your rice. Once the maki is rolled up, no one will be able to see them.

In any event, no one expects you to make restaurant-quality sushi rolls, right?