If you have a party, meeting, event, or exhibition, one vital aspect to consider is the kind of food you’ll serve. And for large meetings, whether formal or informal, cooking and serving food may be an uphill task. You want to be sure of the amount of food that will be enough so that no one misses out. In the same breath, there should be no wastage. Plus, you need pots to cook as well as plates, spoons, and other cutlery to serve and eat. The good news is that you can buy takeaways from a nearby hotel or invest in catering services, which takes care of everything, from cooking to serving.

Takeaway Food

For a meeting of fewer than 15 people like in internal meetings, you may opt for takeaways. With takeaway food, you make an order from a restaurant and the food is taken away to be eaten elsewhere. One delicacy you want to be part of what is supplied is sushi. Sushi rolls are easy to carry and deliver. Additionally, it takes a few minutes to deliver sushi rolls or plates to your office or house.


When you’re having a big event, catering is the best way to go. It is relatively cheap and you can ask the caterers to cook anything you want. The advantage of hiring caterers is that they help you with menu choices, advise on proper food quantities, handle food with care by maintaining cleanliness and proper temperature at all times. Put simply, caterers do more than just show up with food. Simply ask them to include sushi in the meal served, and let the caterers teach your guests how to use chopsticks when eating the rolls. Some may even give explanations on different sushi flavours and tastes. Remember that they are well trained and will cook food and serve it in a professional way.