Sushi is a favourite for many people. But you handle and cook the ingredients determines if the rolls will be beneficial to your body or if they’ll cause illness. Here’s how to ensure that your raw food is as healthy as possible.

Handle Your Sushi Ingredients Carefully

Fish may contain disease-causing microorganisms. You certainly don’t want to risk illness from bacterial contamination and parasites simply because you got the wrong fish or did not store it well. Keep all your raw ingredients chilled when they’re not in use.

Be sure to handle your ingredients and food carefully to avoid cross-contamination. In essence, your raw ingredients should only come in contact with the food you intend to eat your sushi with and the utensils you’re using.

How to Pick the Right Fish

You want to make sure that you buy sushi-grade fish or any other seafood for that matter if you intend to eat your rolls raw. Determining which fish to buy makes a difference. As mentioned above, it’s vital that you go for fresh and well-chilled ingredients. And to know if the fish is fresh, lift the gill with a clean finger and look for red and pink marks. Use fish with firm flesh. Anything mushy suggests that the fish is already breaking down. If you’re not allowed to touch the fish, make sure that you buy fish with clear eyes and a swollen belly. Fish with fluid oozing out is not fresh.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Remember to keep hygiene, especially at this time when viruses and infections are spreading to every corner of the world. Buy your fish and other ingredients from reputable and certified online stores which sell fresh products and handle food products with care. Also, make sure that you wash your hands with soap and sterilize your surfaces before making your sushi.

Enjoy your healthy, low-cal sushi rolls!